After 30+ years in the corporate wars I decided to live my life the way I wanted and not be bound to the whims of others. I decided to work with different types of art, and I have found photography the most relaxing and rewarding.

I only do the types of photography that interest me ... mostly landscapes, nature and my very favorite .... portraits. I love to collaborate with my clients and produce art that we both enjoy and will use in our portfolios.
My goal is to meet new people to help me develop stimulating concepts and bring them to reality (or fantasy) in our photo session. I am constantly studying new techniques and attending classes that will improve my work.

My studio is in Pittsboro NC in the Chatham Mill complex. I also love to work on location with unique backgrounds for my photography. I do not settle for the random tree or wall to be the backdrop for my portrait work. I work in the Triangle / Triad area of North Carolina, but will travel if there is an opportunity to work with outstanding talent or if there is a unique location that sparks my interest.